Children who excel in Ballet, Tap and Modern dancing may enjoy taking part in competitions.

 We belong to the All England Dance Association which organises dance competition festivals at a Local, Regional and National level. Students compete within their own age group at a local level and may perform solos, duets, trios and groups in genres including Ballet; Modern; Tap; Character; Song & Dance; Lyrical and Contemporary. Marks are awarded by an independant adjudicator and students achieving high marks are invited to enter the Regional Finals. From there some competitors qualify to compete at National level in London for the finals, held every other year.

Children who wish to enter competitions need to achieve good exam results and really enjoy performing on their own in front of an audience. They should be dancing at a high level in Ballet, Modern and Tap and need to work above their grade in order to succeed. Younger children from 4 years who enjoy dancing may also take part provided they are taking these classes. 

In order to progress, students enrol in our SJ Associate Scheme and take additional classes on Saturdays to extend their training. These include extra ballet, limbering, jazz, musical theatre and pilates for seniors to ensure they reach a high standard. 

All Associates classes are by invitation only and parents are welcome to enquire if interested. 

Festival Dancers must commit to rehearsals